Gain a comprehensive understanding of the EU Transparency Directive

  • Subject Matter Expert

    Presented by Ebbe Filt, FundApps’ Subject Matter Expert. Ebbe has advised nearly 100 of the world’s largest financial institutions on regulatory interpretation and compliance processes.

  • Engaging Videos

    Includes 90 minutes of video lessons which provide a detailed insight into the complexities of the Directive, including gold plating and aggregation.

  • Certified

    The course takes just half a day to complete and you'll receive an EU Transparency Directive certificate upon passing the exam at the end.

Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to identify each issuer disclosable under the TDA

  • Be able to calculate disclosable exposure across all financial assets

  • Be able to correctly aggregate positions across corporate structures

  • Be able to evaluate the disclosable exposure against the imposed disclosure thresholds

  • Be able to correct populate and file the required disclosure documentation

CPD Accreditation

Accredited CPD training means the learning activity has reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks. The learning value has been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality.

What our students say...

Robert Haggerty, Global Head of Major Shareholding Reporting, abrdn

The courses in the FundApps Academy take very complex subjects in relation to the regulation surrounding shareholding disclosures and distils them down to easily understandable lessons, with the ability to test your knowledge and understanding throughout. These provide a great way of learning the key aspects of these subject matters in an easily digestible form.

Robert Andric, Global Head Shareholder Reporting, Global Financial Institution, Switzerland

The courses provided in the FundApps Academy have helped onboard new team members and get them up to speed on complex regulatory topics quickly. The courses on the European Transparency Directive and European Short Selling Regulation provide a great foundation of knowledge for how the rules should be interpreted and implemented. The FundApps Academy has made it easy to provide detailed training to a global team of shareholding disclosure professionals.

Guy Bevan, Senior Consultant FS, PWC

"The FundApps Academy helped me gain a deep understanding of the Transparency Directive and all of its complexities. The content is presented in a clear and engaging way, and the mixture of videos, text and questions throughout makes this difficult topic easy to understand."

Emil Castro Christensen, Senior Manager, KPMG

"The FundApps Academy provided deep insight into the European Transparency Directive and European Short Selling Regulation. The pace and structure of the courses are well suited to experienced compliance managers, but also serves as a good introduction for less experienced professionals. I’d recommend the FundApps Academy to everyone seeking knowledge in this area of compliance."

Usame Ceylan, International Compliance Officer, Aegon

As an absolute beginner to the field, I was worried about the complexities in the European Transparency Directive. The Fundapps Academy’s ‘The European Transparency Directive’ training structure is very well designed in terms of explaining the complex topics in a systematic and understandable way. Topics were presented in a way that they were built on each other: Themes covered in previous section(s) made it easy to understand the subject of the particular section. When I finished the training, I was confident to made a start with disclosure forms and filings.

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