Gain a comprehensive understanding of the UK's Section 793

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    Presented by Ebbe Filt, FundApps’ Subject Matter Expert. Ebbe has advised nearly 100 of the world’s largest financial institutions on regulatory interpretation and compliance processes.

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    Includes 5 video lessons, so you can learn about Section 793 rules, how they work in practice and potential sanctions for failing to comply, in a succinct and engaging way.

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    This free course takes just an hour to complete and you'll receive a Section 793 Seminar certificate upon passing the exam at the end.

You will learn:

  • When you are required to respond to a Section 793 request and disclose your holdings

  • What defines a disclosable interest, both in terms of assets held and in which capacity the assets are held

  • What a Section 793 request looks like and the filing process for them

  • What the sanctions are for failing to comply with a Section 793 request

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